What Cleaning Products Can I Use with A Septic Tank?

So wants to clean your septic tank? Well, here is a nice solution for you. If you follow the instruction, you can do it easily. So let’s go.

Septic tanks are more complex than they seem. Cleaning them with chemical products can be a serious mistake. Sadly, that’s what most people do. Do you like to mistake the same?

For optimal operation, you must ensure the survival of bacteria at all costs. Today you’ll know the right way to clean a septic tank. And the products you need. Before we see the list of what cleaning products can I use with a septic tank, we need to learn few more.

What is Septic Tank?

A septic tank is a high-volume container destined to treatment of organic matter in wastewater. It uses bacteria and enzymes to degrade dispersed contaminant particles. From a certain point of view, a septic tank works like a big stomach.

They can be made of different materials, like:

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Polyethylene

Normally septic tanks bury underground and need maintenance every 1-2 years. Their dimensions follow certain official regulations, which may change in each country.

Septic tanks use bacteria to break down organic matter in wastewater. The main purpose is returning water to the environment in better conditions. Water treated in septic tanks is recyclable and used for:

  • Filling toilet tanks
  • Irrigation

Septic tanks are useful in buildings located far away from sewage collection systems. That’s why they’re commonly found in mountains and other remote areas.

What Cleaning Products Can I Use with A Septic Tank?

To clean a septic tank properly, this is what you need:

Vacuum Truck

Over time, solid remains tend to deposit at the bottom of the tank, forming a compact layer. Every 1-2 years, you should call a vacuum truck to suck all these sediments.

Before starting cleaning, maybe you need to dig in the ground to find the tank’s manhole.

During cleaning, an operator places a large diameter hose inside the tank. Then the suction begins and in a few minutes the water. And sediments disappear completely.

The truck itself can also inject clean water at high pressure to soften too compact sediment layers and then suck them.

Biodegradable Detergents

When vacuum finishes, use a hydro jet. And a soap dispenser to clean the tank walls with biodegradable detergent. This product is environmentally friendly. And decomposes without harming bacteria.

As said before, septic tanks need bacteria to function. The larger the volume of the tank, the higher the bacteria concentration needed. Therefore, using chemicals to kill bacteria is a serious mistake.

It’s a common practice to pour bleach and disinfectants into septic tanks to avoid odors. This decreases living bacteria concentration, avoiding organic matter digestion process. It also accelerates solid waste accumulation rate, increasing the frequency of maintenance.

When bacteria die, organic matter accumulation tends to cause pipe clogging. Pouring sodium hydroxide into the water to unclog pipes is an even more serious mistake.

Cultures of Bacteria and Enzymes

Use bacteria cultures and enzyme so that organic waste digests quickly. These products are sold in specialized stores in the form of powder and tablets. On the Internet there are hundreds of websites where you can find them at good prices.

In contact with water, bacteria activate immediately and begin to feed on organic matter. Bacteria and enzyme help prevent excessive accumulation of sediments, the usual cause of pipe clogging.

Some believe that yeast, normally used to make bread, has similar effects to these products. By now, it still remains as an unproven fact.

Overall this cleaning system is not so hard. So if you like to do it yourself, you can. But you have to confirmed that, all particulars are available near your hand. So before start the cleaning, check the list from above.


Septic tanks are excellent to avoid contamination of soil and groundwater. In addition, keeping them in optimal condition isn’t that difficult if you follow certain procedures.

Remember that chemical products only hinder their operation and pollute the environment. Always choose biodegradable products that don’t affect bacteria.

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