DIY Guide: Installing Automatic Gate Opener in an Easy Way

This article will guide you learn installing automatic gate opener for your own home. So it is mandatory to read the article before buy any automatic gate opener. But before it, we should learn few more about this topic.

If you have a gate at home, you surely know how annoying it’s to get out of the car to open and close it. If you’re in a hurry and have no time to lose, doing things manually isn’t an option.

Installing Automatic Gate Opener
Installing Automatic Gate Opener

Opening a gate manually could get your hands and clothes dirty or worse, cause you an injury when it’s too heavy. The best solution to these problems is installing automatic gate opener. Today you’ll know step by step how to install one for yourself.

What is Automatic Gate Opener?

An automatic gate opener is a device for opening and closing a door by operating a remote control, keypad or sensor. There are two main types: swing gate openers and slide gate openers. Also, each type subdivides into two groups: single and dual.

Swing gate openers use a solid steel piston to open and close. When the device receives the signal, a mechanical system pulls the piston to open or pushes it to close. The piston can move up to 19 inches, giving a maximum opening angle of 110º.

The movement of the bar forces the opener to rotate on a pivot. This effect allows opening or closing the gate.

Before choosing a slide gate opener it’s necessary to know the gate’s length and weight. Models that are currently sold in the market can move gates 12-18 feet in length with maximum weights between 300-850 pounds.

Slide gate openers use a motor to open or close the gate. The motor turns a gear attached to a solid toothed bar welded to the gate. Other configurations use a bicycle chain instead of a toothed bar.

Slide gate openers can move doors with maximum lengths of 30 feet and maximum weights of 1000 pounds.

Step by Step Guide of Installing Automatic Gate Opener

Most people hire someone else to install their gate openers. However, the process is quite simple and is usually explained in detail in user manual.

Here’s a step-by-step summary guide on how to install a slide gate opener:

Verify that the Installation Kit is Complete

First of all, verify that the installation kit of your automatic gate opener is complete. Realizing that a part is missing in the middle of the installation process is the worst thing that could happen to you.

Some models specify that you must purchase some items separately, including solar panels and batteries. Make sure you also have enough money to do it.

Prepare Your Toolkit

To install an automatic gate opener you need the right tools. Most user manuals indicate what kinds of tools you’ll use in each step. If that’s not your case, try to have the following at hand:

  • Hammer
  • Center punch
  • C- Clamps
  • Wire strippers
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Hacksaw
  • 3/8 Drill bit
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Open end wrenches (9/16 ”and ½”)
  • Power drill

Install Post and Gate Brackets

Brackets are sturdy metal pieces that link the opener with the post and the gate through two pivot pins. You’ll need a power drill, screws and nuts during this process.

First of all, determine the installation height. With the help of a measuring tape, determine the total height of the gate. Then divide that value by 2 (h/2). With the help of a pencil or marker, make a mark on the gate and the post at the same height.

At that point the central axis of gate opener’s solid piston should pass. Now take the automatic gate opener fully retracted and mark the areas in the gate (in closed position) and the post where the screws should go for a perfect adjustment between brackets and opener.

The opener must be perfectly horizontal and the brackets shouldn’t move. Finally, drill the post, set the brackets and secure with screws and nuts.

If there’s no place in the gate to install the brackets, you’ll need to install a support, such as a sufficiently wide metal bar or a metal or hardwood plate.

Install the Gate Opener and the Stop Plate

After installing the brackets in the right place, install the gate opener fully retracted and fix both ends with pins, bushings and harpin clips. The gate must be in the closed position at this point.

Then, install the stop plate at the other end of the gate, which will stop the operation of the opener when the gate is fully closed.

Install the Battery and Solar Panel

Most models need 12V to work. You can use a 12V transformer if there’s an outlet nearby. If not, you’ll have to use a car battery. You’ll also need a solar panel to power the battery.

Follow the instructions on user manual for proper installation.

Adjust the Programming

Consult the user manual and follow the procedure indicated to adjust the opening angle, the waiting time for automatic closing and the sensitivity of the system to open automatically when there’s an obstacle on the road (cars, people or animals).

Also learn how to program the remote control and installing additional accessories when necessary.

Test the Complete System

Once you have finished all the steps it’s time to test the system. Make the necessary adjustments. If everything works fine, be proud of yourself.


Following these simple steps you’ll be able to install the complete system in a short time. Verify that you have everything you need to avoid interruptions during installation process. Also remember that you’ll need to buy some items separately.

With this new knowledge, you can now install other people’s automatic gate openers and earn extra money for that. In case of any doubt, consult the user manual.

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