5 Best Treadmills for Home Workout in 2018

Treadmill is a great equipment which allows you to burn more calories as compared to other workout equipment such as StepMill. So, people love working out on treadmills. Choosing the best Treadmill machine can be difficult because of that much competition around in the market. To make it easier for you, we have researched and tested the best treadmills 2018 machines available currently in the market.

Best Treadmills 2018

The Best Treadmills 2018 List

After continuous research for more than 2 months, we finally created an up-to-date list of Best Treadmill Machines of 2018. As the result for our research and tests, we will provide you with the reviews of the top treadmills out there, so that you can easily pick the right one for you. Now let’s have the look on the most recommended Treadmills.

Am sure you want to know that on which based we had chosen these top Treadmills? Right? Let me clear it for you. Here’s how we found these best Treadmill Machines.

We researched for the Treadmills with the best rating on the biggest online stores such as Amazon. We take a close look on the customer’s satisfaction with that product and what that product actually offers.

And we ask the company to provide us with the product for a limited time to review it, and we’ll include a “buy link” back to your product in our articles.

We review the product and write the honest reviews here. It helps both, the consumer to find the best product out there and the manufacturers to gain trust among consumers.

#01. LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

If I was a consumer and out there to buy a Treadmill machine for my home workout, I did definitely go for the Lifespan TR1200I. This machine has a lot of features and that’s why I love it. The running surface of this machine is 20″ x 56″ that supports up to 300 pounds of weight of an individual.

This home treadmill has a lot of workout options which includes saving exercise data, Built-in speakers to allow you to listen to your favorite songs while working out, count steps and ample programming.

What We Actually Like in LifeSpan TR1200I Folding Treadmill

  • Ample Programming– It has 17 pre-installed programs and 2 heart rate controlling programs. If you have the LifeSpan Fitness Club membership, you can download the customized workouts too.
  • Incline Levels– There are 15 incline levels available in this machine.
  • Belt Quality and Length– The belt of this machine is two-ply, which is more durable as compared to other. The length of the belt is 20″ x 56″ as I mentioned above. That much surface area will allow you to feel confident that you will not end up slipping off this machine.
  • Powerful Motor with High Speed– LifeSpan is so proud of their technology that they provide Lifetime warranty of their 2.5 CHP motor. It doesn’t cause any stutters during the speed changes and the highest speed of this machine is 11 mph while most of the other treadmills end up at 10 mph.
  • Portable Data Storage– This is the best feature I found in this treadmill which makes it unique than others out there. It can store the data of your home workout like (Burned calories, Heart Rate, Steps Taken) into a USB drive. You can even check your daily workout reports on their online panel and get the customized workout plans.
  • Foldability and Warranty– You can fold this machine vertically to save space. When it comes to warranty, you will be amazed at what you get from LifeSpawn. They will give you the lifetime warranty for the frame and motor. Three years warranty for parts and one year of free labor services.

What We Don’t Like at All in This Machine

  • No Pen Drive– The USB Pen drive isn’t included with the machine. It’s very cheap, but I think they should include it within the package.
  • LifeSpan Membership– The LifeSpan Data tracking service is only provided for 4 months with new LifeSpan treadmills. To continue with their Data Tracking service, you need to pay the subscription fee. I didn’t like it. However, the lifetime membership cost is rather cheap, but I still believe that they should provide you with the membership for free.
  • No Cooling Fans– Most of the latest treadmills are coming with fans while the LiftSpan TR 1200i doesn’t have any fans in it. So, either you required a separate fan or if it’s not an issue go on with it.
  • Missing Lubricant– Not a single bottle of belt lubricant is included with the package. The manual recommends to apply the lubricant before the first use, but it was not there. You need to buy it separately. Well, a sample of the lubricant should be included.

I will recommend you to ignore these little downs of this machine and just go for it. You will love it. You can also read more reviews of this machine there on Amazon or on other reviews website such as Live Longer Running.

#02. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

Here we come to the second best in our list, Sole F80 Folding Treadmill machine. It is more expensive as compared to the previous LifeSpan TR 1200I, still it couldn’t make it to the first position because it lacks some advanced features.

So, either you want to work on an incline to reduce strain put on your joints or if you want to run a long distance who like tweaking and mixing thing up, this treadmill will help you out and cover your needs. The surface area of 22″ x 60″ is a lot to provide you the ease and confident while running. It has 10 pre-installed programs and the design of the machine is great.

What We Like in Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

  • Motor and Speed– It comes with the 3.5 CHP motor which is powerful enough to handle the speed of 12 mph. That much speed handling makes it one of the best treadmill machines for professional athletes and runners. It can support an individual weight up to 375 pounds. The flywheels are all-steel and zinc-coated, which makes no noise at all. It’s very quite.
  • Running Surface and the Belt Quality– The running surface is 22″ x 60″ and this is one of the largest treadmill surface out there, especially in width. It inclines by 15% which allows you to burn calories faster. It also has the CushionFlex technology which is proven to reduce the joint impact up to 40%. The belt is made of four layers which include Rubber, Nylon, and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) to provide you with the best.
  • LCD Screen and Speakers– The soft blue alphanumeric screen display the helpful information to guide you better and the built-in speakers can help you to listen to your songs!
  • Warranty– Sole F80 is known as the best when it comes to warranty. They provide the lifetime warranty for motor and frame. Five-years of warranty for all of the other electronic parts and two years of labor is included in the warranty.

What We Don’t like in Sole F80

  • Limited Programs– It has very limited number of programs in it. You can find six standard programs, two user-defined programs, and two heart-rate programs.
  • No Membership– Unlike LifeSpan it doesn’t provide any membership or USB data tracking. So you can&’t install customized programs in it, neither you can follow your daily reports. That’s one of the biggest issues with this machine which takes it down to number 2.
  • More Space Coverage– It is a very large machine and required a lot of space even when it is folded. So make sure you have that much space in your home before purchasing it.

So, that was all about Sole F80, it is a great machine no doubt. Leading as the second best treadmill in 2018 is not an easy job, but still it is lacking some features which take it to the number 2. But if you have enough space, enough money, and missing program customization feature is not an issue for you, you can go for it.

#03. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

The ProForm PRO 2000 has a lot of great features and built with the latest technology of ProForm. The features which make it the third best treadmill to buy in 2018 are iFit, Amazing sound system and the running surface with inclines and declines. This treadmill is only recommended for those who are weighing less than 350 pounds.

ProForm is making the most expensive treadmills in their new PRO lineup and this one is available in very low price compared to others. PRO 2000 treadmill has all to offer, but it is lacking electronics warranty which may stop some consumers to buy this one.

What We Like in PRO-FORM 2000 Treadmill

  • Design and Display– The best thing about this machine is that it can be folded vertically and clear all of space it was taking. It has an 8″ display which can be easily viewed. That make it easy to choose any of the 24 pre-included programs or using iFit Live.
  • Motor Power– It is powered with a 2.25 CHP commercial motor. It can support up to 350 pounds of weight and guaranteed for the lifetime like all other brands.
  • Running Surface– The PRO 2000 has the running surface of 22″ x 60″ which can accommodate all wide and tall runners.
  • Built-in Programs– There are 24 built-in workout programs in this treadmill and those can be personalized as well. These programs focus on speed, incline, intensity and calories burning. Most of the customers are drawn to the iFit training program.
  • iFit Live Training– The iFit training program works with an internet connection and allows exercisers to access additional workout plans, access to a personal trainer virtually, compete with facebook friends, and even running along Google Maps trails.
  • Incline and Decline– This treadmill is combined with 15% incline and 3% decline and speeds up to 12 mph. So, it helps in stimulating outdoor running conditions.
  • Speakers– This treadmill has 3.0 Intermix Acoustics Speakers, which are very impressive and good in sound quality. It also supports iPod and all of the other mp3 players.

What We Don’t Like in ProForm PRO 2000

  • Warranty– The ProForm PRO 2000 offers the lifetime warranty for the frame and motor. Five years of warranty for the other parts of the machine and two years of labor warranty. Well, they do not offer any electronics warranty which is a big problem for consumers out there. Especially those who are willing to install iFit in their machine.
  • User Profiles– It is very useful to store your workout information as an individual user. But this machine doesn’t allow this at all. In households where multiple users use a single treadmill machine can’t make their own workout profile or can’t save their data unless they install the iFit program. Only if you install the iFit in your treadmill, then you can have this feature.

The ProFom PRO 2000 is our 3rd best machine to buy in 2018. It doesn’t have those fancy touch screens like other expensive treadmills in the same series, but it will allow you to get into shape with the built-in programs and iFit live compatibility. A powerful motor, a long running surface, and quality music are enough to motivate you for a long run.

#04. Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness series have all of the low-cost and entry-level treadmills. The T101 is the best of the budget treadmills out there, costing significantly less than most and is a great product by Horizon with a very good warranty. This treadmill is small and can be folded to clear the space. The best features of this product are incline, speaker system, and nine built-in programs.

The machine is very quite at all of the speeds because of its 2.25 HP motor. It is the Horizon’s best seller and a low-end machine, but it’s worth your money.

What We Like in Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

  • Budget Treadmill– This machine is specially built for low budget people but still provide the best performance.
  • Light Motor– This machine is built for walkers and joggers but not for runners. So this machine is rocking with a 2.25 HP motor which supports the speed up to 10 mph. The machine is whisper-quite because of this motor.
  • Built-in Programs– The machine has 9 built-in programs which are enough for a beginner. These programs are as Weight-Loss, Interval, User-defines or Manual Programs, Calories Burning and Time Distance.
  • Incline– The horizon’s T101-4 inclines up to 10% to provide the best calories burning workouts.
  • Lightweight and Portable– This machine is very light in weight and easy to move for a single user. It doesn’t take that much space because of short running surface and can be folded vertically to clear all of space it takes. The machine can support the weight for up to 300 pounds.
  • Attached Gadgets– The machine has Dual Grip monitoring system, which can help you to monitor your heart-rate through your pulse. The attached speaker system is great and compatible with all of the mp3 players. Horizon console is very user-friendly. It has 3 data windows with soft-orange LED lighting and a cooling fan is included with the treadmill to keep you cool.
  • Warranty– Horizon is providing a lifetime warranty for frame and motor which is excellent in this price and 2 years of warranty for other parts.

What We Don’t Like in This Treadmill

  • Running Surface– The running surface of this treadmill is of 20″ x 55″ which is not that much great. That running surface is not great for very tall people however, we really can’t argue because this machine isn’t as expensive as most of the treadmills in this range.

Well, this machine is completely worth the money. It have all of the advanced features and giving much more in that little amount, however, there is a lot more to love in this machine. A lot of treadmills out there which are offering much more but we have placed it on number 4 because of its performance.

It can also be connected to the “iFit Live” and will work much better if you do so. The other best thing about this treadmill is you can take it out of the box and set it up within 30 minutes.

#05. ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

If you prefer more running than jogging or walking than you should have a look at ProForm Power 995i. It is a solid machine with a generous tread belt and offers a lot of great features. So, that’s why it’s going to be at the number 5th in our Best Treadmills 2018 list.

The ProForm power 995i is apparently an advanced equipment to shed some pounds off. The motor, tread-belt, built-in programs, incline and everything else in this machine is offering much more than it costs. Now let’s have a deep look into the advantages and disadvantages of this machine.

What is so Good in ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

  • Powerful Motor– The treadmill is powered by a commercial 3.0 CHP motor which delivers incredible power for workouts like Speed Training, Intervals, and Endurance Run. The motor makes very little noise, but that’s not irritative at all. It helps the machine to speed up to 12 MPH which is incredible.
  • Incline– The machine can incline up to 15% which helps you in burning calories faster. There is no decline in this machine so inclining is from 0% to 15%.
  • ProShox Cushioning– The Power 995i is built with an innovative cushioning to reduce the impact on your joints by 28 percent and relieve tension throughout your body. It provides more efficiency towards running as compared to jogging or walking and that’s why it provides a more comfortable running surface to protect your knees, ankles, and back.
  • Running Surface and Tread Belt– The machine is providing a 20″ x 60″ large surface which is ideal for tall runners. It can support the weight for up to 350 pounds. Treadbelt of this machine is two-ply and solid enough, that according to the reviews on Amazon that belt is very strong as compared to the other two-ply belts.
  • Built-in Advanced Gadgets– Dual-Grip Heart rate monitor, which helps you to monitor your heart-rate and stay focused throughout your workout. A multi-window LED display helps you to easily check your speed, incline, distance traveled, time, calories burnt and pulse. The machine is also compatible with the iFit Live program, which help you to choose a variety of programs powered by Google maps and training under the American toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels. There is much more in this “iFit live”. It also has the cooling fan with speed settings which you can adjust anytime.

Things We Don’t Like in ProForm Power 995i

  • Hard to assemble– To be honest, it is really hard to assemble this machine once you receive it. The service of ProForm is not good enough to take care if you are in an emergency. Most of the consumers find it frustrating to assemble it.
  • Low-Quality Fans– This machine has cooling fans which are missing in the LifeSpan treadmill above, however, these fans are weak. It might be not a big issue for some.

ProForm Power 995i doesn’t matter what is your target, the ProForm Power 995i is out 5th best pick to buy in 2018 because of its feature and cost. It is comfortable for walking, jogging and even running. It doesn’t matter you want to burn your calories or trying to prepare for Marathon, this machine will help you for sure and the final one in this list.

Our Recommendation and Final Words

So that was the complete list of our Best Treadmills 2018. We are so confident about all of the treadmills above that those are the best for Home Workout. Our first pick the LifeSpan TR 1200i is the best because it is maintaining 4.5 rating out of 5, at Amazon from last 5 years. Also, don’t forget to have a look at the comparison chart of all of the treadmills above.

You have already aware of our best picks but if you are seeking more reviews, you can find on the Product page at Amazon. You can find more than 100 reviews there from buyers that will help you in making a perfect decision.

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